Natural Eye Care Seminar 2015

Click below to read about our new seminar on Natural Eye Care.

Concord Eye Care Seminar Flyer


Saturday 21st February


9.30am to 4pm


60 Flavelle St, CONCORD
(nearest train station is North Strathfield; or buses from Strathfield
travel to Concord Rd; plenty of car parking)

Registration Fee

$185 (includes seminar notes)


There are a variety of payment options. First, enter your details into the form at the bottom of the page and submit the completed form.

Then, in order to pay your registration fee, you can either:

  • Call us at 0287659600


  • Email us the details at

We’ll then contact you to confirm the payment and provide further details on the event.


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For your chance to win a pair of Bill Bass sunglasses (worth $200), identify this exotic fruit that helps vision!
Email your answer to or enter on our Facebook page.
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Concord Eye Care Newsletter

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Jennifer Chea is another experienced optometrist on our team. She graduated from the University of New South Wales with first class honours in 2000 and went back to complete her Masters in 2008. She specialises in children’s vision, behavioural optometry and advanced contact lens fittings.

Jennifer provides comprehensive assessments for both orthopticeye disorders and visual perceptual problems. Orthoptic eye conditions include amblyopia (where one eye is significantly ‘lazy’/blurrier then the other) and strabismus (where one or both eyes turn in or out too much).
Visual perceptual problems occur when the brain has trouble interpreting the information it sees. Many children who have learning difficulties can benefit from improving their visual perceptual skills. Jennifer designs personalised vision therapy program for children with orthoptic and visual perceptual problems. The vision therapy program involves in-office training as well as home therapy exercises. This method has been proven to be the most effective way to get results.

Although Jennifer enjoys seeing all contact lens patients, she has a special interest in difficult contact lens fittings. These include keratoconus, post surgical cases and orthokeratology. We have a corneal topographer here at Concord Eye Care which maps out your cornea, making contact lens fitting very precise.

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We now offer weekly assessments and in-house training for children’s vision – to help binocular vision, lazy eyes, eye turn, visual perception, learning and concentration

call us to Book 87659600

Assessments cost $195, Medicare rebate is available

Training sessions are $65 each


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