About Natural Eye Care

There is a natural approach to vision care – Call us 87659600 for an appointment

Hello, my name is Jenny Livanos and thank you for your interest in natural eye care.

As an Optometrist, certified Natural Vision Improvement instructor and Nutritionist with over 20 years experience, I offer the following services:

  • Professional optometrical consultations covered under Medicare
  • Spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses and accessories
  • Eye testing and analysis of vision problem and referral to appropriate health practitioners when necessary
  • Natural eye care products such as pinholes, patches, nutritional supplements for better eyesight
  • Natural Eye exercises designed to improve vision and vision therapy – individual sessions for children and adults
  • Learn how to take control and improve your eyesight – personalised consultations including the Bates Method (Better Eyesight without Glasses), Natural Eye Care, Natural Vision Improvement, nutrition, visual habits improvement, preventative eye care
  • Nutrition for eye disease (cataracts, macular degeneration and others) eg. bilberry, lutein
  • Nutrition to help learning in kids
  • Lazy eye (amblyopia) treatment for kids and adults
  • including behavioural optometry

  • Children’s vision and learning therapy including exercises, computerised programs, books – with our neuro-developmental optometrists
  • <
    NEW NEW NEW – E-program on "MACULAR DEGENERATION – A NUTRITIONAL APPROACH" – Our program for diet and supplementation, including the latest research on diet, supplementation, lifestyle, risk factors and new treatments  is NOW AVAILABLE via email if you cant make it to our health centre -

    As a practitioner, I work holistically with my clients to improve eyesight and visual functions and I have a keen interest in preventative eye care and lifestyle counselling. Prescriptions for glasses are made in accordance with eye tests, symptoms and needs of the client. People of all ages are welcome.

    Email us to call you, if you'd like to talk about your own eyes. What's the best time to call?

    If you are interested in looking after your eyes naturally, and getting honest and caring advice, give us a call.  IMPROVE YOUR EYESIGHT!

    NEW – Email consultations now available. Specialised programs can be designed for your vision improvement world-wide. Email for more details.


    NORTH STRATHFIELD, NSW 2137  P: 02 8765 9600

    Consultations and products are available from our premises -


    For further information, or if you would like to book an appointment, you are welcome to contact me via email at concordoptometrist@hotmail.com or call 02 8765 9600. Personalised programs, eye tests, quarterly newsletter and email consultations for those unable to attend in person are also available.

23 Responses to About Natural Eye Care

  1. Shailendra Maharaj says:

    Enquiring about natural eyesight improvement

  2. naturaleyecare says:

    Natural eyesight improvement encompasses a holistic approach including eye exercises, nutrition, stress management, better visual habits, holistic lens prescribing and lifestyle improvements. Based on the Bates Method, nowadays it includes techniques from many other health modalities such as kinesiology, acupressure, affirmations etc.

  3. Gus says:

    I have a son 4 years old and is suffering from astigmatism. Can the Bates method help?Please also send me the free report on NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS FOR VISION.

  4. sharmila says:


    I’m wearing contact lenses since 10 years and there are no improvement, i think day by day its worsen. please help me i want to inprove my eye vision.


  5. jodie says:

    Hi, I need help. My 7 yr old daughter has one eye that turns in sometimes(when tired) and some redness in both eyes. I have taken her to an optometrist and they diagnosed she is Long sighted. They explained to me that her eye is turning in and red because of eyestrain. She can see near and far clearly but adjusts her eyes to suit because she is young. I Have prescription for +3 in both eyes. They say if I dont put them on her she will get worse.
    I dont know what to do. I feel that glasses make eyes dependent and doesn’t really fix the problem only the symptom. Have been to see a vision therapist (bates method) and she thinks I shouldn’t put her in glasses. NOW I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED. I dont what is best for my daughter. PLEASE HELP.

    • naturaleyecare says:

      Hi Jodie
      It would be great if I could see her but I expect you are not in Australia? What is your daughter’s vision with and without the script? Does she have a weaker eye? Why not get a lower script made up in the short term, and do some sessions with your Bates teacher. Then review in a few months with the optometrist. I would be looking at her visual acuity as the important factor for prescribing full or weak glasses and wearing them. I have had good success with dropping scripts from +8 and +9 from an even younger age to virtually nothing.

      best wishes
      Jenny Livanos

  6. naturaleyecare says:

    Hi Laurie
    We’re in Sydney, Australia but do email consultations and programs
    best wishes
    Jenny Livanos

  7. naturaleyecare says:

    Hi Alethia
    I dont think your cataracts will lead to glaucoma, unless your doctor (eye specialist?) is seeing something else in the eye test. I think you should be looking at a nutritional and lifestyle approach, to slow down deterioration. There are some Bates Method exercises like palming that may be of benefit.

  8. naturaleyecare says:

    Hi Adriana,
    if you call the Janet Goodrich Method Centre in Queensland, you can see them for a private consultation or they may be able to give you someone closer.

  9. Brian Lutman says:

    Do you have any proven methods of eliminating of reducing floaters?

    Kind regards,


    • naturaleyecare says:

      Palming has been anectodally reported to help floaters, and I would be recommending vitamin C and other antioxidants. Looking at causes of floaters like excessiverubbing, high prescription, heavy lifting etc. would be of benefit

  10. naturaleyecare says:

    For a personalised approach, you can make an appointment to see me – for specific nutrition and the Bates Method. Dr Bates’ book Better Eyesight Without Glasses will give you the main exercises and philosophy of the techniques

  11. Rex Bertoli says:

    Hi, can I buy the “BATES” book at your shop. I only live a few minutes from Concord Road.

    Regards Rex

    • naturaleyecare says:

      Hi Rex
      we sell Carina Goodrich’s new book on Natural Vision Improvement for only $35 – you can pick up any time – call us 8765 9600

  12. Wendy says:

    I went to the optometrist yesterday as I have been recently been experiencing blurriness lcose up and far away after having good vision for a number of years (I was short sighted but it corrected itself in my 40s). I was told that I have astimagtism, myopia & presbyopia. He recommended that I wear multifocal glasses all the time to correct these but I am not happy with this prospect as I am only having problems with reading small print and some problems with long distance – the rest of my vision is fine. I also think it would be hard to adjust to the lenses & that I would become dependent on the glasses. Are there alternatives to wearing glasses all the time? Also do you test for & treat for glaucoma as he found elevated eye pressure and wants me to come to do a more comprehensive test in a few weeks?


    • naturaleyecare says:

      Hi Wendy
      If you are able to come to Concord, Sydney we could do not natural eye care sessions. I would be giving you natural eye exercises and the Bates Method. We could also run through my protocol for elevated eye pressure – nutrition, supplements, risk factors, lifestyle factors, depending on your other tests.
      We do have email and phone consultations available also if you’re not. Thanks for your enquiry, you could do a lot to help your vision.

    • Wendy says:

      Thanks Jenny

      Do you do the special test for glaucoma where photos of the back of the eye are taken or should I get it done by the other optometrist and bring the results to you?

  13. Robyn Penfold says:

    My 4 1/2 yr old daughter has one intermittently ‘turned eye’ and has been prescribed glasses. I don’t want to take chances on the development of her sight, but would rather strengthen the eyes than simply wear glasses.

    Can we do some eye exercises while she is wearing glasses? If her vision improves will the glasses interfere?

    • naturaleyecare says:

      Hi Robyn
      your daughter can do exercises as well as wear glasses. I recommend the Natural Vision Improvement approach for children
      please call us for an appointment if you are in Sydney 02 8765 9600 for an individual program or I can offer an email or phone consultation

  14. Carl says:

    Hi Jenny, I’m enquiring on behalf of my wife who has a lazy left eye. She is 47 yo and I’d like to know if there is any way this condition can be corrected. Currently wearing prescribed glasses are the only way to prevent her eye from turning inwards and she has been wearing them for years. She’s now considering contacts as a way to eliminating her need to wear glasses.

    • naturaleyecare says:

      Hi Carl
      In the last few years there has been much research about brain plasticity which I believe would help a lazy eye in an adult, including your wife. I am in Sydney, could you wife come to see me for an initial assessment?

  15. naturaleyecare says:

    Hi and thanks for your email regarding cataracts
    I do have a natural approach to cataract prevention, which can also slow down their progression
    So not “proven”, but backed by scientific research into nutrition and lifestyle
    There are carnosine drops available to “cure” them, these have helped some
    I can do a personalised program through email or in person

  16. Very good information. Lucky me I found your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have book-marked it for later!

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