Colour blindness

Specially-tinted spectacle lenses for COLOUR BLINDNESS now available—we are the only stockists in Sydney. Iro lenses can be fitted to prescription frames & make a big difference in 90% of cases. Colour testing is free. Iro lenses cost $650, inclusive of GST plus cost of normal glasses.

Discover a world of new colours! We are now exclusive distributors for the Iro lenses- book in for your free comprehensive colour assessment and testing for Iro lenses.

Iro lenses are specifically designed to assist those who have difficulty in distinguishing some colours. These symptoms may be caused by congenital red-green colour vision deficiency.

Iro lenses have been developed after more than 10 years of research and have proven successful in 95% of cases in those previously unable to pass the standard colour test, the Ishihara Test.

Through research, this range of lenses goes from very mild colour deficiency to strong deficiency.

It is good to start wearing these lenses from an early age, to allow early colour discrimination. You can wear these lenses during daylight hours, inside and out, with adequate lighting. They are not recommended for night driving. They do filter out UV light also. We recommend fitting the lenses to a matching clip-on, offering better clarity and allowing a script change in the future.

iro lenses

Iro lenses are a quality manufactured product from Seiko-Epson and stock is held in Australia to ensure prompt delivery. It is a premium lens – with double coating, hydrophobic lenses resistant to water, oils and dust build up.

Lenses are fitted at pickup and take 2 weeks to be ready.

Iro lenses cost $750 fitted, inclusive of GST. Sunglass frames with Iro sliver flash lenses cost $410 (non-prescription). Contact lenses in 2 colours (brown or blue iris) cost $850. Health fund rebate is claimable.

Improve your quality of life!  Call us today 87659600 to book in for your free assessment.

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