Products for Dry Eyes

New Products now in stock – for dry eyes, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and tired, sore eyes – come in or call for us to post out:

* OCULOCIN PROPO eye drops $19.95 – these drops are anti-bacterial and have propolis, aloe vera and chamomile. Great for infections and dry eyes.  A natural-based product used for the treatment of conjunctivitis and dry eye with no antibiotics, no preservatives and no known side effects.

* Double-sided Bruder heating eye compress $49.95  This is an ideal and convenient way to improve Meibomian oil gland function. In just minutes, the moist heat melts the residues and fatty acids in these glands, allowing lipids to flow freely to the surface of the eye. Eyes remain naturally lubricated. With regular use, this compress can help dryness from re-occurring.

* Eyegiene System eye mask with refills $35 (20 inserts total) – a portable heat pack for dry eyes, blepharitis and external eye conditions

* Blephadex tea trea oil wipes (pack 30) 39.95

  • Preservative-free lubricants:
    * Xailin Gel $13.99 – long-lasting relief for dry eye
    * Xailin Night gel $13.99- night time repair for dry eye

It is recommended that you see Jenny for a thorough assessment of your eyes and recommendations for treatment.

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